Moriarty dancing to Queen upon arrival at Sherrinford <3 ~ Andrew Scott on BBC Sherlock 4.3 "The Final Problem"

I Want To Break Free by Queen. Moriarty making a fabulous entrance to the music in his ears! I recommend watching Sherlock too!

*coughs continuously* WINCHESTERS<<< Dude, one word, Youtubers. all I'm saying tbh.

I would love to hear jim moriarty ^^<<<<<<<< "Hello, I'm the Doctor and this is my plus one, _______." I'd prefer the Doctor.

I want to break it. I just need classical music like Jim moriarty :)

They believe in their product

I giggled! Sherlock moriarty break bullet proof glass 3 million dollars gum diamond fire extinguisher

Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty in 'Sherlock'

I really shouldn't like this… BUT I LOVE IT <-- so jim is scar and sherlock is mufasa--I mean he did make him fall to his doom--minus being deaded by stampeding wildebeests.-----does john count as Simba?

The many expressions of Jim Moriarty. All in the span of seconds!

The many expressions of Jim Moriarty. All in the span of seconds! As he's being held by his collar off the edge of a very tall building. And yes, he's smiling and being sarcastic.

moriarty. I love the way he says this in the show.

In a world of locked rooms the man with the key is king and honey, you should see me in a crown - Jim Moriarty, Sherlock

Lmaooooooo Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha who is it that wrote about me in this? <<<<<< Loki and Moriarty!!!!!

How people react when I tell them my favorite character from Sherlock is Moriarty

I walk into every interview with the same confidence that Moriarty gets off a helicopter with

I loved the helicopter scene. ''Ive fallen in-'' Nope, enough music, I only love myself, troubles and Bee Gees ''