JOLLY PHONICS SOUND SORT Next years spelling - initial sounds

Phonics Sound Sort

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Beginning Sound Worksheets to Support Jolly Phonics Teaching

Phonics Beginning Sound Worksheets

Jolly Phonics Home Study Packet Designed to give parents the tools to offer support with JP at home. After completing each Jolly Phonics book, 3 pages are sent home so parents can work with their child in developing their phonics skills. Includes One introduction letter  A group of SEVEN- Parent letter introducing sounds and description of the motion. A visual of the alphabet letter, the sound and motion picture. Eight words using letter sounds learned. COMES IN PRIMER PRINT AND D'NEALIAN!

Phonics Home Study Packet


Phonics Sound Sort

This product is to support Jolly Phonics Teaching and is not a product or endorsed by Jolly Phonics/Jolly Learning. Worksheets coincide with books 1 - 7 (and are grouped by book number). Each book has four worksheets: three worksheets have TWO letter