Love those lights!  The home of Louise Simony.   Photo Peter Kragballe via Hunch

Foto Peter Kragballe via Hunch Såhär fint bor den danska konstnärinnan, Louise Simony . //The home of the danish illust.

Image result for Interior design

Image result for Interior design

Inredningstips – soffbord

Inredningstips – soffbord (Add simplicity)

Lately I've been finding myself covering my clients bedrooms in beautiful grey wallpapers. I love the texture that wallpaper gives to a space, especially when done in a linen, silk, grasscloth, etc.

Amelia Widell en inredningsblogg – Metro Mode

contemporary modern interior design with mid century lounge chairs and bob dylan portrait. Possibly something like this in the bedroom