Karl Urban good looking & hilarious as Bones in new Star Treks..

Session 048 - Almost Human Promo Photo Shoot - Karl Urban Kiwi Net

Karl Urban | Almost Human

Karl Urban Goes Over the Rainbow for The Wonder

Karl Urban yum <== I have to pin this so the next time I see him walking around St Luke's in his bare feet I can go "yea but he scrubs up nice."

I hate that New Zealand gets Karl Urban and Utah gets.seagulls and salt water taffy.

Karl Urban...yowsa people...

Man Crush: Karl Urban (Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Dredd, Batman vs Superman)

Karl Urban as Eomer in LOTR (when I first fell in love with him.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS MEME: MEN] → ÉOMER “ „As for myself, I have little knowledge of these deep matters; This I know, and it is enough, that as my friend Aragorn succoured me and my people, so I will aid him when he calls.

Karl Urban's got that catlike face everyone wants to make purr...

I've been a Karl Urban fan for a long time so I was excited when he was cast as "Bones" in the new Star Trek franchise. And I think he plays Bones really well. He's one of those guys you.

OMG, how can anyone resist? Like... are you surprised Thomas wants this? Jim wants this?

Karl Urban in The Loft. OMG Can we have a scene like this in the next Star Trek movie PLZ!