... speechless... maybe it's the kilt.

Not upcycle-able, but GypsyMama is also a fan of bare-chested kilted Celts.

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The Origin of the Sporran

The Origin of the Sporran [Infographic]

The Sporran, which is Scottish Gaelic for "purse," is a traditional component of the male Scottish Highland Dress. In this infographic, we take a look at the origin of the sporran as well as look at a few different styles that are available today.

Made to Measure Kilt - Platinum Pride

Quality Platinum Pride hand made kilts made by experienced kilt makers based in Scotland. Traditional 8 Yard Kilt, The kilt is hand pleated and stitched Medium Weight Worsted wool.

Fashion forward and distinctly beautiful bespoke kilts

Today I am thrilled to share the work of Siobhan MacKenzie and her incredible fashion forward bespoke kilts which are just perfection for the Groom looking for something just a little bit special.

If my kilt offends you.....

12 Reasons Women Love Men in Kilts

Grey Scottish Mens Kilt Tartan Kilts Sporran All sizes | eBay

Grey Scottish Mens Kilt Tartan Kilts Traditional Highland dress

Grey Scottish Mens Kilt Tartan Kilts Sporran , not the Wallace colors, but I thought it was pretty

Sorry, Gloria–We LIKE Alpha Males!

Sorry, Gloria–We LIKE Alpha Males! (Wild Eyed Southern Celt)

Attend a Highland Game - The Braemar Gathering is typically attended by the Royal Family. The Ceres Highland Games in Fife is the oldest free games in Scotland.

modern kilt | @agentorangutan

city kilts - who'd have known the kilt would've come to this. Utility kilt wear for the man who doesn't want the tartan sporran look.