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When we kissed after all the time away, or recently , when you or I came home from work or the very first one.when we kiss it always feels like Finally! Every kiss I get from you is like the one I've been waiting my whole life for!

Feel tingles down your spine whenever you get forehead kisses.

Wait for someone that makes you smile so hard that your cheeks hurt and loves you so much that you can feel it through their fingertips when they brush the hair out of your eyes and lean in to kiss you

The thought of our first kiss always makes me smile. | That lovely first kiss. That kiss you'll never ever forget about. #first #kiss #quote

everyone I think about it ut makes me smile real big and blush like crazy. I miss you already alex

Our relationship became comfortable instead of talking you ended it, i'm worth the effort, youre worth the effort,we are worth the effort. Let's try again Kellee Duke, give us a shot at forever...My Love is real, you felt it too that's why you ran away, you were afraid of getting hurt.... I WON'T HURT YOU.

There is a difference between kissing someone because they are attractive and kissing someone because words no longer accurately express your feelings for the person.

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I know you crave me as I crave and desire you! And I am ALWAYS thinking about our kisses, your incredibly beautiful sweet sexy amazing kisses and the love and passion that comes from those kisses and how we kiss! Oh what you do to me baby!

ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other

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52 Romantic Kissing Quotes -DesignBump

52 Romantic Kissing Quotes

52 Romantic Kissing Quotes -DesignBump