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2013 Gypsy Shag Haircut, the Perfect Layered Haircut for Thick Hair - Try the gypsy shag haircut, one of the most popular layered gypsy haircuts for thick hair, suited for any woman looking for a long shaggy look, intentionally messy.

Linn Wiberg - Swedish writer living in London.

Linn Wiberg - Swedish writer living in London.

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Wavy hair and bob hairstyle is the perfect look for this summer. So we have rounded up the Latest Bob Haircuts for Wavy Hair that you may want to try any.

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(If I'ever cut my hair again) 15 Short Hair Cuts That Scream CHIC (Not MOM)! The Shab - Seems like a good idea since I'm growing my hair out. As in part shag, part bob - which is how Diana Agron (of Glee) d