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How to Draw a Koi Fish Printable Drawing Sheet by DrawingTutorials101.com
Peaceful Balance by Marco Antonio Aguilar                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Peaceful Balance

In Japanese culture, this fish represents strength and courage for swimming against the stream.

At Dragon's Gate

The emperor www.annabellemarquis.com @arteriagallery More
Kinds of Kohaku Step-type There are some kohakus with step type patterns; two step type (Fig  4-11) three step type (Fig 4-12) and four ...
butterfly Ginrin Yamabuki (koi)
9 5" Blue Shusui Butterfly Fin Live Koi Fish Pond Garden NDK
Did a similar painting on a parcel before I sent it...these koi look real!  Mine weren't half as nice, but was inspired and went with it!  {ts}