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Nu börjar ju perioden med massa kalas och fester. På sommaren är det lättare att hänga ute, folk gifter sig, firar saker och egentligen varje anledning att bjuda in och ha fest tycker jag är...
Paul and Joanne.
My 2014 was certainly a lesson learning year...and it ended perfectly. :*
I love New Year’s Eve.  We usually have a small group of friends over at our house to ring in the new year.  I asked my friend and web designer Shannon to create a printable to give a Tic…

New Years Eve Printable Tic Tac Gift

Who doesn't want to be kissed at midnight as a new year with new possibilities begins?  This New Year's Eve Printable is perfect for that special midnight "kiss"! #newyear #newyear2014 #printables

new year's eve printable

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop

Baby Girl New Years Bodysuit, New Years Bodysuit, Kiss Me At Midnight, New Years Bodysuit, New Years Shirt, Girls Shirt

New year's kiss was my life changing forever, I'm not crazy, just crazy in love.
Midnight kisses, perfect for Valentine's Day #loveisallyouneed