Students always enjoy playing around with my wooden artist's mannequin and I often used her to demonstrate how a figure should look in cer...

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Ruth Goodman från Krigstidens farm har många bra odlingsknep att lära ut.

Auschwitz-Birkenau återskapat i Minecraft

se7en - Lots of lessons inspired by artist Leonardo Da Vinci. Including: 3 books for younger children, 3 books for older children, a writing activity, carefully observing and drawing Da Vinci's work, chalk drawings of the human form (math/measurement), detailed drawings from nature (hands, flowers, plants, etc.), portraits in charcoal (inspired by Mona Lisa), 3D recycled art/sculpture (inspired by Da Vinci's inventions), and a "Last Supper" with snacks and Renaissance music!

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Mummify an apple-1 part baking soda, 2 parts salt OR equal parts baking soda and salt should work. I like the suggestion of a control group.

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Try this slick technique to create wild lines and reveal hidden colors! Explore the art of Albrecht Dürer and use lines and shapes to etch your favorite animal.

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Art Lessons for Kids - Kandinsky Inspired Concentric Circles Collage Activity. This is great for homeschool families or anyone who has kids who love art!

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The Top 10 Contemporary Artists to Teach Alongside Traditional Artists

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art put its collection of 400,000 pieces of art online for free download/non-commercial purposes.

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Paint a family picture—or any design—in the style of famous painters such as Michelangelo! Texture and glow add to their uniqueness!

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