So glad I found this!! Bug Repellent, Itch Relief, Deodorant, Beat the Heat, Motion Sickness, Jet Lag, Foot Cooling, Tummy , Cellulite, Varicose & Spider Veins, Muscle Soother, and more -- 21 favorite essential oil roller bottle recipes for summer

21 Summer Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends

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How To Avoid Jet lag via Mashable

Your first class guide for preventing jet lag

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Air flying has changed the concept of traveling, you can reach any near or far away destination you want by plane. Instead of spending 12 hours driving a car to see your family in holidays, you can take a 2-hour flight to go there and stay fresh and vital. But air traveling has some drawbacks, for example some people have flying anxiety, you could have jet lag, especially on the long-haul flights and flights may be delayed. So to avoid these drawbacks, here are 20 useful tips and charts for…

20 Useful Air Travel Charts & Tips To Make Your Flight Easier

How To Fight Jet Lag Like A Pro
3 Smart Travel Packing Tips and Tricks (Video) - TrendSurvivor

3 Smart Travel Packing Tips and Tricks (Video)

Glowing Campfire Craft for Kids- Perfect summer craft for summer camp, fire safety week, or a summer camp activity! ~

Glowing Campfire Craft for Kids

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