Lana Turner Hollywood glamour 40s fashion...gorgeous! Women's fashion photography photo image

Lana Turner Lana Turner goes into camera action under the direction of Robert Z. Leonard for her latest M-G-M picture, "Marriage is a Private Affair".

Lana Turner 1943.jpg

Lana Turner, Slightly Dangerous, Many World War II G.s requested this alluring shot of Lana Turner in a black sequined gown for personal pin ups

Lana Turner, 1943 ...and she knew all about the importance of diamonds.

1940s Fashion: Iconic Looks And The Women Who Made Them Famous

Lana Turner plays the pagan princess Samarra (with not a hair out of place) in "The Prodigal", 1955.

vintagegal: Lana Turner plays a pagan priestess. vintagegal: “ Lana Turner plays a pagan priestess in The Prodigal ”