i want a guy who will have my horse all saddled and bridled up for me when i got home.
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Cute cowboy on a horse. @mckaylacreef

Afternoon eye candy: Hot Cowboys, y’all (32 photos)

10 reasons why ladies love country boys. I may not be a cowgirl or know the first thing about farming but I have a fine appreciation for COWBOYS, COUNTRY MUSIC, and TRUCKS.

10 Reasons Why Ladies Love The Country Boy

That's what he calls me everyday  and love that country boy side of him
hot country boys on 4 wheelers - Google Search
that's a country boy for ya.
This is what my wife tells her friends all the time.Keep your pretty city boys. I'd rather have my redneck country boy any day…
Exactly why I love country boys....everything but the McDonald's dates

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City boys vs country boys meme - http://jokideo.com/city-boys-vs-country-boys-meme/
You dream guy, My dream guy, Luke Collins! He's so yummy! I sure love me some cowboys!