Laurel burch

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Laurel Burch Copic Coloring Chart
Laurel Burch Cats, she was such an inspiration, great example to use in elementary lessons. Her work is so adaptable and her life a great lesson on how to persevere!!!
Detalhes dos gatos coloridos.                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais
Rainbow Skies & Dragonflies: Laurel Burch inspired Cats
I ♥ Laurel Burch Art
Fabulous Felines' collection, by Laurel Burch for Clothworks
Laurel Burch - She was a very creative artist. I now own a silk scarf that has her cats on it and an umbrella that is very similar and in the same color family. Indigo Cats. Beautiful gifts.
Laurel Burch... ♥ Repinned with gratitude by ♥ ...
laurel birch cats.. LOVE Laurel Burch cats.  If you haven't seen them google her.  Kids love to do these cats as they are so colorful and fun (and easy to draw)  You can do them on wood, fabric or make jewelry out of them.
Laurel Birch.  I love all her cats and have several pieces of her jewelry

Laurel Burch