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Pahoehoe is a bit hotter, forms lava tubes with many units, thin with lower viscosity & thickness so faster. Both slow down speed as they cool.

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(Jana's POV) "So we're supposed to drink this?" Leon says suspiciously eying the lava river. "I guess," I admit and I get on my knees so I'm closer to the river. Leon coughs as he replicates my actions. He scoops his hands into the lava and jeers lightly, "To surviving." I dive my hands in and I'm surprised that the Phlegethon is almost on the cool side. "To surviving." I agree and I bring my hands to my lips. I take a gulp and I and I immediately feel nauseous because it tastes that awful.

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Photographer Risks Getting Burned To Capture Lava, Meteor, Milky Way And Moon In A Single Shot

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So pretty! But seriously, how do people take these kinds of pictures without being burnt!?!?!

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Earth's Vein - Hawaii Volcano National Park | by Tom Kualii on 500px

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Photo Mehr

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Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1653

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Hawaii Went on a helicopter ride so far down into the volcano we felt the heat. The most exciting thing I have ever done!!!

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Lava Flow ~ Volcano National Park, Hawaii

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cool volcano eruption, the colouring fits our lighting ideas dark and the lava lights up some places

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