I would have to agree with my precious Legolas! :p

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Orlando Bloom as Legolas. This is a stunning shot!

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Borona...lol I already get called that when people mistake my name.

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Orlando Bloom as Legolas in LOTR- This pic really shows Orlando's gorgeous eyes! They're so beautiful

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I got Legolas. Shocking.

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Legolas yes...but could be another great warrior...

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Tumblr comin' in clutch

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Orlando Bloom's best role he's ever played. And just in a matter of weeks....he will be resurfaced. This nerd is all a dither.

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Orlando Bloom as Legolas and Lee Pace as Thranduil More

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Okay, so I've just read LOTR for the first time. (Although this is probably more like the Legolas from the movies, which I haven't seen.)

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