Leica IIIg, Leitz 8.5cm f/1.5 Summarex, Leitz 8.5cm Viewfinder

Leica IIIg, Leitz 8.5cm f/1.5 Summarex, Leitz

I love Leica. I want Leica. I need a better paying job to afford Leica.

Own a great camera and take a photography class.

Three Lenses Every Photographer Should Own

Leica M10 Launched

Leica, in order to upgrade its M series digital camera, launched its all new camera with a price tag of USD

A Leica M6 with a 50mm lens ... and maybe a wide-angle as well.

Classics of everyday design No 63: The Leica M6

Leica's famous rangefinders, it might be understated but its outstanding . The Leica camera.

Leica M-P 240 Safari Edition Camera

Leicas are prestigious on their own. But if you want to stand out (or blend in, depending on the location) even more, the Leica M-P 240 Safari Edition Camera is a good option. This limited production set includes an olive.

Hermes Leica M9 P Edition:  hipstamatic / instagrams... pah, not when it looks this good.

Appreciators of form and function will love the newly announced Hermès Leica Edition, a stylish photographer's dream gadget. Two limited edition versions will be offered: the Edition Hermès and the Edition Hermès – Série Limitée Jean-Louis Dumas.