Inspiration – Lekrum med förvaring i barnens nivå

Speak to them before you become started with the playroom. Designing the proper children’s playroom may be a tricky affair sometimes. Designing an ideal playroom for your children are sometim…

Ribbstol och romerska ringar i barnrummet (eko)

Ribbstol - Rak 60 Cm - Vit

Bild från Pinterest . Hittade de här bilderna på Pinterst och var bara tvungen att visa dem för er! För jag tror ni är många där ute som har en källare som är svår att få till. Personligen måste jag...

Före och efter – källare

Great idea for the basement. Difficult windows are lengthened with floor to ceiling drapes and excellent placement of artwork.

Hero dress up corner. Boys playroom must have

This is a great idea for all dress up genres! I can see a princess, hero, and pirate/ninja wall coming to life in my 5 year olds room very soon! - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Love the mountains painted on the wall of this kids room. Colorful but calming palette.

Kidsroom Inspo - We have always wanted to paint the nursery walls with a pattern like this fine example by what a cosy room!

Made a hockey playroom for a little boy. Treehouse, slide, airbrushed carpet, blackboard paint on wall.

Ordered this rug! Going to have it set up downstairs Christmas morning. Hubby convinced me.

my scandinavian home: The happy home of a Dutch illustrator and ceramicist

I'm so excited to share the family home and studio of Dutch illustrator and ceramicist Nina Van de Goor with you today. This lovely space .