2017 Ford F450 Dually Lifted Modified

This is a 2017 ford dually lifted and has modified wheels it is so nice and had 307 horsepower

2006 Ford F250 Metamorphosis Left Side Angle View

"I got that real good feel good stuff, up under the seat of my big black jacked up truck. Rollin on pretty girl by my side. I saw this and fell in love!

Awesome Ford 2017: Lifted white out F150 4 x 4 2016 ? (Personally I wouldn't have touched it wi...  Trucks Check more at http://carsboard.pro/2017/2017/01/22/ford-2017-lifted-white-out-f150-4-x-4-2016-personally-i-wouldnt-have-touched-it-wi-trucks/

Awesome Ford Lifted white out 4 x 4 - Jerry's Leesburg Ford - Jerry's Alexandria Ford - Ford Dealership Virginia

2012 Lifted Ford Trucks estabrookford.com/

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Ford -Yes! To both the truck and the caption!

Ford -Yes! To both the truck and the caption! The best memories come from driving an awesome truck not a fuel efficient car