Every lightsaber color in the Star Wars universe.  I think I'm either green or purple. Could be a pretty cool part of a sleeve.

Star Wars lightsaber colors, explained

How to build your own lightsaber, this could come in handy someday. Halloween this year!!

How to build your own lightsaber

A fun infographic from Newark / Element 14 detailing what you need to do to build your own lightsaber at home! If you’re on the front page of the site, be sure to hit the “read more” link below for the full infographic!

More images of the etched grand masters Satele Shan style design by…

More images of the etched grand masters Satele Shan style design by highly recommend him for any etching work!

Lightsaber v.9 by Ariergarda on DeviantArt

My first Sith lightsaber. Inspiration: Witchking's helmet (Lord of The Rings). I must say that this one was really hard to make Lightsaber

DARKSABER / Lightsaber stolen from Jedi Temple DESCRIPTION: was an ancient, black-bladed lightsaber. Unlike most other lightsabers, the Darksaber's blade was nearly flat, thin, and curved to a point more typical of a metallic sword. The black core of the blade appeared to draw in all surrounding light and color, leaving a faint white, electrical aura along its edges, and it hummed with a higher-pitched whine than its more common lightsaber counterparts when the blade was active.

Darksaber : Anyone else wonder what it's Kyber crystal looks like? Or that it igniting as "black" says about Tarre Vizla's connection to the Force?