Are You More Like Robin Scherbatsky Or Lily Aldrin?  You got: Lily Aldrin People tend to think that you’re a cute, sweet little thing, but you’re far from innocent. You’re a homebody, you like to spend time with your friends. You’re creative, have a big imagination, and a big sense of humor. When you fall in love, it usually means that it will last forever. You’re always willing to help your friends and you’re kind.

Are You More Like Robin Scherbatsky Or Lily Aldrin?

I got Lily Aldrin! Are You More Like Robin Scherbatsky Or Lily Aldrin?

Alyson Hannigan stars as Lily Aldrin, on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

Alyson Hannigan Gives Her Two Cents On How I Met Your Mother Finale, Teases Cut Funeral Scene

Which “How I Met Your Mother” Character Are You?  You got: Lily Aldrin!  Wooo! Sweet, sensitive, and artistic, you’re always taking care of others and looking out for your friends. You’re a truly loyal companion (who can totally keep a secret!) who really values the people in your life.

Which "How I Met Your Mother" Character Are You?

hehe!!! Javier knows all the right things that make me happy.

Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan) in How I Met Your Mother: "Remember: happy wife equals happy life.

Alyson Hannigan est Lily Aldrin dans How I Met Your Mother

Alerte aux rousses à la télévision !

The all-leather blazer is a bit much? Maybe a regular blazer with leather accents. But the rest is good!

Lily's Joie Mixed Floral Beckley Tank How I Met Your Mother Season Episode "Last Time in New York"