Hairstyles for wet hair. As in, for every day I have to work.

21 Hairstyles You Can Do In Less Than Five Minutes

Just follow the steps and go: no blow-dry needed.

This is what I really need lol I am always running late and it takes forever to dry my hair. Hair Romance - Hairstyle tutorials for wet hair - the loose triple bun

Simple instructions: how to make a braid

I've been struggling with an inside out french braid and can't get it. Finally step by step :) Hunger Games Hairstyle Tutorial

LuLu*s How-To: Half-Up Braided Hair Tutorial at!

Lulus How-To: Half-Up Braided Hair Tutorial

Great for a day at the office, date night, and every other occasion imaginable, our Half-Up Braided Hair Tutorial is so easy to achieve! Add some hair jewelry in your beautiful hair style.

for when my hair is long again. diy hair idea braided updo - Hui Chan Hui Chan Hui Chan Gilbert i like this for me for ya wedding! what do you think? {i may not even be able to do it cause my hair is short}

Simple braid buns make second-day hair even better than it was the day before.

17 Ways To Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again

The three Braided Buns Hair Tutorial I know, I konw.another bun tutorial. But this time it's a three Braided Buns tutorial!