logan henderson... be hotter, you can't.

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BIG TIME RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or more specifically...this hunk of handsome.

Logan Henderson of Big Time Rush

never leave my bed

never leave my bed

Logan Henderson as Nicholas

men with pets = instantly more attractive

logan henderson

logan henderson he looks perfect in shades

Ladies, I give you: Logan Henderson he's mine! Lol jk........... not

Ladies, I give you: Logan Henderson he's mine!

Logan Henderson style

o hot dam

SEXY!!!!!! STAREE Logan Henderson: Sneak peek lyrics to "Windows Down"  Coming tomorrow!    #BTRwindowsdown19

Logan Henderson, even though he is in Big Time RUsh (legit. the definition of a boy band, they do synchronized dances at concerts. is so much better and relaxed.), he is a bit cute, you have to admit.

Logan Phillip Henderson  ♥

he's a cutie!

Logan Henderson being adorable.

Logan Henderson being adorable.

(Logan Henderson

Logan is the brains behind Big Time Rush.

probably one of my favourites out there. hilarious dude, really weird, and just all around nice guy.

A favourite photshoot of mine ~ Logan Henderson

Logan Henderson

One of the BTR singers is stunning in this photo. And I'm surprised because I don't really like any boy bands what-so-ever. But his on show personality, style, and smile is what grabs my attention.

Logan Henderson has my heart.<3

Logan Henderson has my heart.

Logan Henderson

I have a big time crush on big time rush.

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