Texts/messages can be so easily misunderstood.

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Yep.  Life is not like the movies.

The sad moment when you return to your ordinary life after watching an awesome movie. Or reading an awesome book

Actually, I like to go with a friend and have them help me press all the buttons on the toys that make noise in the section. And then walk away quickly.

That happens to me all the time. I go and press a button and then it won't shut up so I just walk away and act like nothin happened

I use to work at Dairy Queen and it served Pepsi. Id never ask this because I never met someone who wanted Coke that wasnt just asking for cola.

My brother actually said this to a waitress once.he was going to, but he didn't have enough nerve, so my dad told the waitress that he was going to.yeah, my dad's pretty good at embarrassing us.

I hate how after an argument, I manage to think of really clever stuff I should have said.

- I hate how after an argument, I manage to think of really clever stuff I should have said.

Dear face wash commercial  LOLSoTrue.com - Rule Number 519

LOLSoTrue.com - Rule Number 519

Dear face wash commercial, people don't actually splash their face with water like that. Sincerely, my bathroom floor is now soaking wet.

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Lolsotrue I love their pictures theyre so funny. I love everybody. Some I love to be around. Some I love to avoid. And some I'd love to punch in the face.

lolsotrue: #126 I like to do this to my kids at Christmas.  Evil? Why yes I am.

lolsotrue: "When a package says 'Easy open' you end up using scissors, knife, hammer, gun a lightsaber trying to open it.