Different Perm Rod sizes. They also come in long and short. I love the long ones!

Response Cold Wave Rods

Response Cold Wave Rods 12 Pack {the sizing is wrong, because you will see that the purple are actually not but

Curly perm long

15 Different types of perm hairstyle. Long perm hairstyles for women. Best perm hairstyles for short hair. Spiraled perm hairstyles for girls.

K-Palette 1Day Lash Perm Long Curl Mascara Black Review

To be honest, I rarely use an eyelash curler because I never fail to pinch my eyelids. I hate the feeling and as much as I could I avoid using it or just leave it to the makeup artist to use it on …

permed long curly hairstyle - silver perms look

20 Pretty Permed Hairstyles - Pop Perms Looks You Can Try

spiral perm--gorgeous results

I want more hair in the curlers to avoid this look. curls are ugly and the bottom is way too thick and abrupt.