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Luigi Portrait Watercolor Art Print, Geek Videogame Nintendo Supermario Decor

The Year Of Luigi by on @deviantART

In honor of the year of Luigi last year (& continuing into this year), I decided to make a poster. Luigi has always been my favorite Mario brother, . The Year Of Luigi

Good Guy Luigi via Reddit user Dashe101

Good Guy Luigi

Poor Luigi, honestly I don't understand why he isn't the famous its obvious whether you wanna believe it or not, that Luigi is better than Mario when it comes down to ability.

「Luigi」/「MW」のイラスト [pixiv]

I played a Luigi dream team demo and he looked so dang cute! ^//////^ So here’s a quick Luigi thing.

Luigi - Mario Kart 8. via:

They see him rollin', they hating. View "The Best of 'Death Stare Luigi' Fan Art" and more funny posts on Dorkly

#Courage #Luigi via Reddit user SneakNSnore

True courage is the ability to face your fears for those you care about, no matter what the cost or how terrified you are

Luigi Death Stare by on @DeviantArt

I always saw the Luigi death stare in that video thingy on the load screen.