"Sara, I may not be the vicious scoundrel you've been seeking all these months." He lifted the glass to his lips, letting the whiskey slowly blaze the back of his throat. "But, then again...maybe I am."

Luke Evans

Luke Evans - Wiki Fast And Furious

Luke Evans on ESSENTIAL HOMME October/NovemberEssential Homme Magazine:

Tom Stubbs outfits Luke Evans in a Sunspel t-shirt and UNIQLO denim jeans with a Salvatore Ferragamo belt and Jimmy Choo boots.

Luke Evans #mancandy #eyecandy #TheHobbit

10 Times You Wanted Luke Evans To Suck Your Blood

If Luke Evans is indeed gay then gay men are soooo lucky! I do not get that gay vibe at all from Luke Evans! I don't get it but damn he is fine!


Luke was born on in Pontypool, Wales. He is an actor, known for Dracula Untold, Beauty and the Beast, Furious and The Raven.

Luke Evans, in my bed now...and bring the wine!

Photoshoot by Charlie Gray

Luke Evans Cover InStyle Man Russia October 2014

Luke Evans Cover InStyle Man Russia October 2014

Luke Evans (Bard) in Tom Ford tux for Instyle Man Russia

Luke Evans - 'Fast & Furious 6' Premieres in London 3

Luke Evans Photos Photos: 'Fast & Furious 6' Premieres in London 3

Luke Evans Leaves 'The Crow' Reboot. Relativity Studios is now looking for a replacement…

Just WOW!!!! Poster work for DraculaUntold via https://www.behance.net/gallery/30151933/Dracula-Untold-Theatrical-Poster-Exploration Posted by MoustacheLuke #WeWantDraculaUntoldSequel:

Luke Evans as Prince Vlad in "Dracula Untold"

Luke Evans Stars in WWD Photo Shoot to Promote Dracula Untold image Luke Evans WWD 001

Luke Evans Stars in WWD Photo Shoot to Promote 'Dracula Untold'

Luke Evans: Slaying Them Softly Photo by Rodolfo Martinez In the photo studio, Evans shows a different side of himself than the one viewers are accustomed to in full-throttle genre movies. He waits.

bardbardy:  There’s not enough Luke Evans on tumblr, and I’m fixing it  6/20

Oh Luke. Such a sexy man.

Luke Evans

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Luke Evans Jocks & Nerds photo shoot...sexy as hell!!

Look at the dog, even he is intimidated by Luke Evans' beauty 😍 😂


Luke Evans-tuxedo in a casual setting.

Luke Evans

queenofdale: pictures of Luke Evans because there is never enough of Luke on your dashboard (and mine)

"Elizabeth Moss and Luke Evans are great additions to our cast. I'm really excited to be working with both of them." - Ben Wheatley

Luke Evans ~ starred as the main antagonist Owen Shaw in Furious as Bard the Bowman in Peter Jackson's adaptation of J.

Luke Evans, I just want to chew on his jawline.....no judging.

Luke Evans - Ellis Parrinder photo shoot Post 1 of 2 belowsights booksandcatslover chynna-is-not-here cinnamon-hiddles-buns consulting-lokean elfpunk jossisgod.