chalkboardnails: “ Sparkle and Smolder Zoya Kerry Zoya Amy Zoya Bobbi ”

Polka dots >>>

Hearts, dots and daisies over lavender. (via lyndarthemerciless)


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In this world

Image via Swirly peppermint water marble nail art, Christmas nails Image via How to make a purple nail art on the water Image via Cool water marble nails art designs Image vi

Teal anchor nails

Lux Anchor - Black

Can get the nail art anchor from Avon . Simply paint nail in yr chosen color, stick anchor (nail art) on to whichever nail u prefer and yr good to go.

Neon nails

I mean can you get any better then these nails right now!

Love the pretty blue, white and silver combo. #nails #beauty #cosmetology

A combination of blue nails, a glitter nail, and a blue, silver, and white striped nail

I love white nail polish. So that with a little design is super cute! #nails

Mani Monday: White and Silver Striped Accent Nail Mani Tutorial