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Monochrome manga boy

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Imagen de manga and manga boy

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Anime boy, , manga boy, , anime drawing, , sleepy, , rubbing the eye, , cute

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Ever go to repin an image that you're not even sure who they are or what they're from, but you do it anyway? Just do it. ^__^ i feel like this is zero from vampire knight not sure though it is just the earings

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{Shoujo Notes} More

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..TAKESHI (武): Japanese name meaning "fierce, violent," hence "warrior." Guess that a perfect name for him

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I pray, to what I don't know, but for....what I pray for? I wish I could say I pray for beautiful things like patients good hair, or good will toward my fellow man....but I don't, I'm to broken to hope those things aren't myths...I know they are I pray for sanity to last an solace form the world.....and I find myself laughing behind my hands at my hopes for everything to end

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BTW difference between anime and #manga is cell shading in former and continuous or film shading in latter. Description from I searched for this on

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He reminds me of an anime character I created

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Making friends with your pastor helps... so... much. I'm more determined than ever to be faithful, and to wait for her.

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