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Inside Elegy: March Hare Commission~
"If you don't think, then you shouldn't talk." — March Hare, Alice in Wonderland

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Inside Elegy: March Hare Commission~
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Alice In Wonderland Cartoon Characters | Alice in Wonderland
( - ) the familiar 'rabbit/hare trinity' -- here labelled "Unser seindt vier" [We are four/there's four of us]. from the album amicorum of Frederick IV of the Palatine [UB Heidelberg, Pal. Ger. 619 -- this is f.47v. entries are dated 1582-1605]. Here we have an interesting association with the motif of the 2 fools who say "we are three" -- making the viewer by his/her puzzled inquiry the 3rd! The hare also has traditional associations of folly -- cf. Eng. "mad as a march hare"
Alice in Wonderland - Sophie Wilkins
Alice in Wonderland - Character Designs by Michael Kutsche, via Behance

Character Design: Alice in Wonderland

March Hare Aqua från Jane Churchill Want this to be my wallpaper for my room.