otterbug: “Sometimes my brain finishes a picture incorrectly when will I be stopped ”

Team Captain reporting for duty --- fkin Jesus Mark will you stop trying to give me heart palpitations?

Mark is a true jedi. He can make his phone float while flipping himself off, and also taking a picture. Keep using the force, Mark.

Markiplier on

this is the same dude who dropped an ipad in a bathtub while doing the ice bath challenge and playing surgeon simulator at the same time. do you realize how amazing this guy actually is?

Or Mark's 'hotdog with sexy legs' shirt...

Which is better, Ethan's face, Markiplier's muscles, or Chica? Vote in the comments, mine's Ethan xD

He's an Angel with a "shot gun" I know it's two guns and not a shotgun but WHATEVER!

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