Maroon 5 - Well what more is there to say....they are awesome!

I am also probably one of the biggest Maroon 5 (and of course, Adam Levine) fans. Will be seeing them front row in March!

He is so adorable with his little smile I want to cuddle him for hours.

Adam Levine Get Attacked By a Stage-Rushing Fan

Maroon 5 - Adam Levine - Maroon its not monday but my man crush friday ;

Just saw him in concert!! Best night of my life!! Maroon 5 is my absolute favorite

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no one elevates jeans + t-shirt like adam levine. casual masculine looks.


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maroon 5 logo ❤ liked on Polyvore

I've always enjoyed Maroon logo as it is almost a ligature. The tight kerning of the letters and the overlapping/simplistic cut outs give it an iconic look.

Adam Levine spelled backwards is Enivel Mada, which means perfection in a language I just made up.

adam levine as Four - Can you picture Four's scowl? (Adam Levine as Four)

I was looking for a face for my character Rid and then I saw this... If one day my book became a movie I want Adam Levine to play Rid!!!!

When He Smiled Adorably on the Today Show

Adam Levine Photos - Singer Adam Levine of the band Maroon 5 performs on NBC's 'The Today Show' on June 2013 in New York, New York. - Maroon 5 Performs on 'The Today Show'

ootd | maroon sweater and grey skirt

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A little ‪#‎MaroonVTour‬ prep? Here you go: See you March 13th at the @consolenergyctr! ‪#‎AdamLevine‬ ‪#‎TheBurgh‬

Maroon V Tour Promotional Poster. Start date February 2015 - March 2017