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15 snygga sätt att inreda med Ikeas Bestå

Beautiful eat-in kitchen! Jonas Ingerstedt’s home

Jonas Ingerstedt’s home (COCO LAPINE DESIGN)

I promised you pictures of my new picture wall – so here we go! After shuffling prints around for the...

Picture wall + a how to guide (that nordic feeling)

SUPERFRONT Online Shop (Sweden) - Customizing your IKEA Furniture with sides, fronts, handles & legs. 9 fronts/sides, 8 handles, 8 legs and 12 different colours.

Upgrade Your IKEA with Superfront

The Inspiring Home of Stylist and Blogger Daniella Witte - NordicDesign

Sitting room in the inspiring Skåne home of photographer / interior designer Daniella Witte (photos by Daniella, styling Emma Persson Lagerberg).

Copper truncated octahedron

Superfront - can turn ikea kitchen units into a sideboard, loads of patterns and colours, all seriously chic

The Best of BESTA: Design Inspiration for IKEA's Most Versatile Unit

Best of BESTA: Inspiration for IKEA's Most Versatile Unit