my scandinavian home: A serene small space apartment in Sweden

A serene small space apartment in Sweden

Saeting nook and fab wallpaper in the dining area of a serene small space apartment in Sweden. (Ava wallpaper by Sandberg)

William Morris. (

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pigment wallpaper, borås tapeter

Color rosa en decoración,mi opinión y un DIY para hacer un pañuelo en rosa// Pink colour in decoration,my opinion

Boråstapeter, has recently launched a series of single-coloured wallpapers with a natural, matte finishing, named PIGMENT.

Tapet William Morris - Golden Lily. Engelska tapeter designade av John Henry Dearle år 1899. - Byggnadsvårdsbutiken AB

Slate / Manilla - 210401 - Golden Lily - Archive Wallpaper - Morris & Co Wallpaper

Stuvbutiken | Boråstapeter - A Vintage Book French Lace 1675

FRENCH LACE Decorative collagraph wallpaper with lace-pattern ornamentation and patina effect. A Vintage Book - 1675

4 sätt att förnya hemmet på ett hållbart sätt - Hållbart - Husligheter

4 sätt att förnya hemmet på ett hållbart sätt

What a beautiful and unique home this is. The green color on the living room wall is a hit and combined with the difficult kind of woods and the leather sofa there is a nice contrast. In the kitchen I - Modern Living Room

Tapet ”Strawberry Thief”, Morris & Co.

Tapet ”Strawberry Thief”, Morris & Co.