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City Guide: Marrakech -- Plus, New Moroccan Décor to Swoon Over

Project Bly and decorator Caitlin Flemming share their travel guide to Marrakech and unveil an elegant array of Moroccan accessories.

THIS is her site where you can buy the beautiful Moroccan Rugs!

These rugs, from Semikah Textiles, weave together bright colors and intricate patterns which work well together to brighten up any space.

Morocco / Jose Villa

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Runda mattor - Marrakech (rund) (svart/vit/grå)

Runda mattor - Marrakech (rund) (svart/vit/grå)

Just fab!! Azilal Rug, Voyage, 5’8” x 7’9”, Moroccan rug from Baba Soui

88 Beautiful Moroccan Rug Design Ideas

Foto: Love Adorned via Emily Henderson

Top10: Die schönsten Wohn- und Dekostories im Mai

Vintage Beni ourain pregunto cómo he tardado tanto en descubrir estas alfombras. Siempre es un buen momento para planear un viaje a Marrakech

A mix of Moroccan craftmanship & contemporary elegance. Specialised in Moroccan Berber rugs, Beni Ouarain, wedding blankets, kilim cushions, Moroccan poufs

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Where to buy the best Moroccan Rugs (Cheetah is the new black)

A Danish apartment with magical style, featuring my favorite mix! Beni Ourain and Boucherouite rugs. The Beni Ouarain in this room does such an amazing job of creating lines of interest in the room, while the Boucherouite rugs add the happy!

Amazing studio space with bright colors, white walls and whitewashed floors, layered rugs, amazing abstract art

Great idea hanging a colorful rug on a wall for artwork & adding color/design to a room

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Interior Trend Alert: Boucherouite Rugs for the real boho vibe

You can begin incorporating them easily into your present decor today. It is an exact soft black and will work with pretty much every decor! Budget decor can be easy and elegant. The house becomes full, she says, but there …

Marrakech harmaa/sininen/punainen - Muovilattiat & Vinyylilattiat - Muut matot ja lattiat | Ruugs™

Some may think soundproofing the stairs is not a vital thing, but consider a situation where one of your family members is a bit naughty and likes to stomp on the wooden boards more often.