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Cerveliere (cap worn under mail), 14th to 15th century, German, rope, Met Museum.
German arming jack 1501-1515 Deutches Historiches Museum - with thanks to Jon Terris
BNF Latin 757 Folio:	327v Location:	Milan, Italy Dating:	1385 - 1390 Institution:	Bibliothèque Nationale
Quilted Jupon, Tomb of Aymon de Sarraz in La Sarraz, c. 1369., Switzerland
Debajo de la armadura
Bag, hood, jupon.  Gunter XXV 1368 and wife Elisabeth of Honstein 1381 servant 7    Germany Arnstadt Liebfrauenkirche
Brigandine, Italian, 15th century, from the Castle of Chalcis at Euboea.( Helmets and Body Armour in Modern Warfare, Bashford Dean.)
Queste del Saint Graal. Italie, Milan, vers 1380-1385. BNF, Manuscrits occidentaux, Français 343, fol 13v
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Arming jacket, padded jack, or gambeson, 1440 — 1460 Holstentor Museum, Lübeck
Armor, ca. 1400–1450 and later, Italian; Was assembled & restored under Dr. Bashford Dean (1920s). Elements mostly from Chalcis. Intent: present a full armor of the style worn about 1400, a period from which no complete armors survive. (...) Portions of the brass at the top edge of the left cuisse (thigh defense), the lower edges of the right greave (lower leg defense), and the visor are genuine; the remainder of the brass is restored. The helmet, a visored bascinet, is not from Chalcis.
Padded helmet liner, 15th century, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow, UK.
A knight in red receiving a helmet from a damsel in pink, from an English manuscript of The Romance of Alexander (1338-1344).
European arming doublet, 1550-1650, repaired c. 1937 by Leonard Heinrich. Leather, linen, flax fiber, steel, and brass. Center Back Length: 25 1/4 inches (64.1 cm) Waist: 36 1/2 inches (92.7 cm) 9 lb. (4.08 kg) Philadelphia museum of Art. Gallery 246, Arms and Armor, second floor (Kretzschmar von Kienbusch Galleries) Bequest of Carl Otto Kretzschmar von Kienbusch, 1977.
Saint+George+slaying+the+Dragon+-+Master+of+the+St.+George's+Altarpiece+-+1470.jpg (931×1600)