The greatest warlock of all time, everyone
this is the most hilarious, and accurate, description of season 1 that i've read so far
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This is one of my favorite Merlin quotes ever
THE ACCURACY OF THAT (and I am secretly laughing hysterically at their facial expressions in the last two pictures... what are you doing? Arthur looks like he is asleep and Merlin looks like he is trying to seduce him!)
In a land of myth and a time of magic the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young man his name.... Merlin

8 Reasons Why BBC’s “Merlin” Should Be The Next Show You Marathon Watch

Arthur: "You can't hide anything from me, Merlin." Merlin chuckles. This is basically the whole show
OMG I loved this reaction, I yelled at my sister when we watched this cause I MAKE THE SAME FACE!!!!!!!!!
Funny moment in Merlin! i love their relationship! they are so much like me and my best friends when we talk!
And by alone, Arthur assumes that means take Merlin and go slow enough so that the knights can inevitably catch up