Metalocalypse - Underwater Friends by *Okha on deviantART this song is still my ringtone for my fiancee

If Disney animated Metalocalypse. Metalocalypse - Underwater Friends by *Okha on deviantART

SnB Pickles by NekoWork on DeviantArt

Time to submit some shit here after a long time. :& N& Barrels& Pickles from Metalocalypse. I love him sooo much, oh my god. & Pickles and alcohol is my new OTP along with Toki&

When somebody says im cute....  Im dark and brutal and filled with hatred! metalocalypse meme

Sorry But I’m Not Cute

Funny pictures about Sorry But I'm Not Cute. Oh, and cool pics about Sorry But I'm Not Cute. Also, Sorry But I'm Not Cute photos.


askfghd Metalocalypse you guys. Gouache, Art © me Dethklok/Metalocalypse © Brendon Small, Tommy Blacha, those people, etc etc. Now I live to take life

Some Metalocalypse humor

The Best Of Zuckerberg Note Pass

Metalocalypse Valentine. Not even gonna lie. I want someone to give me this card.

valentines card Metalocalypse Nathan Explosion Skwisgaar Skwigelf Pickles the Drummer William Murderface dethklok toki wartooth

Metalocalypse - Sundays at 12:15a on Adult Swim

The skeletons emerging from the skull's mouth are positioned in a curve that leads the eye up to the title/band name, and the cycle repeats as you curve around the horn back to the mouth. The contrast of black and white is very attention-grabbing as well.