Lol So True cx My Grandma Be Like Oh Yeah Your Cousins From Mexico. Im Like Wtf? How Many Do I Have??

This is not true for just Latinos. I be like How many cousins do I have. Then they wanna break down the family tree.

I know and if you haven't tried one then you haven't lived

Mexican problems>> you know you're a Whovian when you expect a joke about a crack in the universe.

Mexicans Be Like #9218 - Mexican Problems

53 Signs You Grew Up Eating Mexican Food

Omg I don't get it when people post these pics with a caption like "mexican problem" like its not a prob it's a perk!

Mexicans Be Like - Mexican Problems - Don't laugh! Lotteria is lots of fun! It helped my limited vocabulary when I was a kid!

Mexican Problem #5362 - Mexican Problems

Mexican Problem - Mexican Problems: no soy mexicano but this always happens with my mommy!

Mexicans Be Like #9345 - Mexican Problems

No importa si estas viejo, jajaja And it isn't JUST Mexican moms either… My Puerto Rican mom STILL terrifies me… And I bet ALL other Latina moms do the same to their young and/or adult children too…

Orale, ahora entiendo por que todo el tiempo me decia asi jajajajaa

Notice they say, "Mexican" because in "Spanish" This word is not in their language (Spain). They consider the "Mexican" language raping the true Spanish language.