Micro braids. Curly ends.

From side braids and classic French braids, there are many braid hairstyles that look awesome and are easy to do.

3 pks of Kima Ocean Wave...I used less hair this way...#keyjewelsinc...13 years licensed Cosmetologist specializing in braids...Also make hair products KMac Pac(Keyjewels Anti-itch Spray and Hair Oil), body butter and lotions...www.etsy.com/shop/keyjewelstreasures...excellent stuff...like page and inbox for samples

Supposed to be micros but hair was too long so I had to crochet the middle.Love the end result.Used Kima Ocean Wave hair.

Protective style micro braids http://www.shorthaircutsforblackwomen.com/african-hair-braiding/

101 African Hair Braiding Pictures - Photo Gallery

Micro Braids Hairstyles 2017 is available on this page with name and making idea with all this get unique hair color with Micro braids care tips during making and removing braids

Small Box Braids

Box braids are a great protective style which can be worn all year round; from summer through the colder months for both natural and relaxed girls. Box braids are a great protective styling option …