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Hepatitis More

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Meet Your Mitochondria #infographic. Small, complex and vital.

Meet Your Mitochondria #infographic. Small, complex and vital.

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Microbiology...just because I MIGHT not have paid attention the first time

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Microbiology! More

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Innate and Adaptive Immunity

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ap biology sketchnotes - Google Search

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Tuscaridium cygneum Radiolaria Even many single-celled organisms are bioluminescent. The radiolarianTuscaridium cygneum forms colonies such as this one in the deep-sea and glows when disturbed.

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Glassy Radiolarian Beauty The shells of radiolarians rank among some of the treasures of the ocean, with their intricate, gorgeous geometry. The shells are made of silica, which protects the single-celled animals as they drift as zooplankton in the ocean. This image, taken at 120x zoom, was an honorable mention in the 2012 Nikon Small World photomicrography competition.

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Tardigrades, also known as Water bears

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Innate and Adaptive Immune System

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