Miranda Hart. We're basically the same person. <3

But that was just one incident involving a rogue crème brûlée torch, and it's very unlikely to happen twice. I do this every time someone says what's the worse that can happen

Miranda, talking about the Queen to her best friend Stevie ❤️

Why Miranda Hart Should Be Your Valentine Date

Miranda Hart tour merch: "My, what I call, mug of tea". There's also a mug for coffee.

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Miranda Hart tour merch: "My, what I call, mug of tea" -mums bday pressie.

I usually hate Keep Calm spin offs but I'll BARE WITH this one hahahahahaha

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Miranda's Keep Calm quote! So many life lessons from this wonderful TV Series. Thank you, Brits!

BBC's "Miranda"- this woman is one of my absolute favourites!

I love Miranda haha "act natural!" *you do the least natural thing possible* 😂😂😂😂😂 xx

Miranda Hart knows what it's like <3

"He'll think I'm odd and confused which I am but we must hide this" -Miranda Hart

27 underrated shows all true tv fans should watch

27 Underrated Shows All True TV Fans Should Watch

Miranda hart....I tried to laugh...but mainly cried...like a half baked nanny trying to make baby giggle but ends up frightening the little cherub..one worn cliche to another...the funny farm has got this lady on an e.c.t alert...I would rather cut my p**** off with a rusty blade...say no more!!!....cant believe this has so many re-pins!!!...please comment if you like this!!!

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I was watching Miranda. The next episode came on as I saw this pin and the intro to the episode was this. Its, what I call, a coincidence.