Oh My Gosh!!! Why did I never Notice?!?!

World's Most Expensive Cats, Costing Up To $100,000

Oh My Gosh! Why did I never Notice? And that mischievous smirk he has on his face. Someone help I'm in shipping overload

TRANSLATION:  Nino: Marinette is pretty.   Nathanael: What do you say? She's mine.   Adrien: Boys, there's no point in arguing...she's in love with me.

los re cagava a los 2 jajaja XD

#wattpad #de-todo Bienvenidos a mi humilde intento de Ladyblog UwUr donde intentaré descifrar y explicar algunas de las…

Curiosidades De Miraculous Ladybug - Memes (? xD

xD from the story Curiosidades De Miraculous Ladybug by (Welcome to Narnia ❤) with reads.

Sad Eats

Sad Eats

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l a l o u

The seven Kwamis! We've got: Tikki the Ladybug Kwami; Plagg the Black Cat Kwami; Wayzz the Turtle Kwami; Nooroo the Butterfly Kwami; Pollen the Bee Kwami; Trixx the Fox Kwami; and Duusu the Peacock Kwami.

This haves so much meaning I can't even put it to words...

Watercolour kawaii Plagg and Tikki. I love how this is a reference to the Volpina episode!