Game Design - Creative & Inspiring Character & Monster Concept Art #3

What Mythical Creature Are You?

This reminds me of what the humanoid form of my Baharik dragons look like! Dryad - Monster Squadby Neverheidae (Jayme Neverton)"←This reminds me of Groot from Gardians of the Galaxy.

12 Zodiac Signs Reborn As Terrifying Monsters By Damon Hellandbrand

Zodiac Signs Reborn as Terrifying Monsters by Damon Hellandbrand - Libra

Monsters (Gallery)/Page 2

Beautiful Macabre Gothic Fantasy Surreal Art reminds me of the movie Mama

The D&D 5th Edition Monster Manual Is a Cornucopia of Classic Creatures

Halloween scares from around the world in chilling infographic

What& the Halloween season without a few scary stories? Not much at all, if you ask me — which is why I was delighted to find UK-based costume retailer Morph Costume& latest infographic. Detailing 18 creepy urban legends from around the world, it&

Amazing H.P. Lovecraft Inspired Artworks

Some type of version of the Rake, the worst Creepypasta that kills other creepypastas and humans.He has to b of the scariest.