20 Jokes Only Musicians Will Understand

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this made me laugh very hard.

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hahah I did not get this until the second look then I busted out laughing

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So my Music Theory AP teacher hung this up on the piano...

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Note Pun Intended! #music_humor #puns #music_puns

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You’re so far into your subject that it’s warped your sense of humor. | 31 Signs You’ve Been A Teacher TooLong

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This one song teaches you basically everything you need to know about music theory - Classic FM

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I hit EVERYTHING with my cello!

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F# is beginning to get suspicious...

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Continued #2- even if I like a guy artistically or even personally, I'd be afraid he'd want to put everyone else on....I might of known thousands of artists...so passing on a couple hundred was never out of question for me. In other circles I traveled in both the talent and the passion was a lot more concentrated. For me it wasn't just talent,..no one starts out like Mozart, it was a person's effort...

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