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Easy version of Happy Birthday - Notes, Piano Fingering and Lyrics

Happy Birthday Easy Piano Music
Stealing this idea for my bulletin board
Plato Famous Music Quote School Music Band by MusicArtandMore

PLATO Music Quote, 8"x 12" Music Poster, Piano School Music Band Teacher Gift Idea, Piano Keyboard Illustration Hanging Wall Art Print - Reading cello music (A simple, easy to understand guide!) Memory tip for notes written on the lines using the bass clef: Go Buy Donuts For All. Memory tip for notes written in the spaces: All Cows Eat Grass.
Free Sheet Music for the Alphabet Song. Children’s Song. Enjoy!
♫ We ❤ Music @ HSES! ♫: Welcome to the Music Room!
Learn Me Music: Boomwhackers® Flashcards @ how to teach music concepts in the classroom
Sew Much Music: My Music Room Set-Up - Wow! Love the crates, bookcase, desk, etc. etc.