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Minato Namikaze And Naruto | Minato & Naruto - Minato Namikaze Fan Art (26173711) - Fanpop fanclubs

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Hokage coat- Fire only on the King and queen …

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Day 4: my favorite hokage is Minato. What is not to love about him? Seriously? He is the perfect hokage, perfect student, perfect teacher, and perfect dad.

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RASENGAN!! Aaaaaaaah this is so awesome. To this day, still the coolest move I have ever seen!

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Minato smiling at the sight of his beloved son, naruto the orange hokage of the leaf and vesal of nine tails!

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Know Naruto even though you thought no one cared for you there were always people who loved you and cared never think you were alone

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Minato by themnaxs.devianta... NARUTO. ANIME. Pinned from Stephy Sama

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Naruto & Minato

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Minato & Kushina #Naruto Shippuden

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Minato and Naruto showing they mean business <- - - I love pictures of Naruto and his Dad cause it just seems so right and everything - no idea why, but they always seem to have that effect on me. Naruto always wanted to be Hokage, and he never knew about his Dad until a good bit in! Drawing is beautiful btw.

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