Imagen de la Tierra de noche formada por múltiples fotografías hechas sin nubes y con una cámara infrarroja especial a bordo del satélite Suomi NPP. / NASA EARTH OBSERVATORY/NOAA NGDC

Todo el planeta Tierra, de noche

Composite map of the world assembled from data acquired by the Suomi NPP satellite in April and October Credit: NASA Earth Observatory/NOAA NGDC

Rocket Launch Failures Compilation Updated 2015 32 minutes of NASA and other Space programs failures from 1940s to 2010s  satellites or ICBM. V2 Vanguard TV3 Explorer S-1 Redstone 1 Titan I Titan II Titan IV Atlas Atlas-Centaur N1 Delta Delta III Foton Soyuz Long March Zenith Space Shuttle Challenger and more Edited by Fabio Baccaglioni All videos from public domain use and share ;)

32 minutes of NASA and other Space programs failures, from to , satellites or ICBM. Vanguard Explorer Redstone Titan I, Titan II.

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Moon shown in highest resolution yet in image made of 32,000 pictures

Polish photographer Bartosz Wojczyski took the images over half an hour from his balcony Piekary Iskie, Poland. He spent six hours stitching together separate images to create the final photograph.

Atomic fission powered mining craft with artificial gravity living quarters.

Atomic fission powered mining craft with artificial gravity living quarters.

Soviet Space Shuttle BURAN

Buran spacecraft and Energia rocket at the Baikonur Cosmodrome - ready for the first (and last) flight on November 1988

China. Wow can't wait to visit!

Yangshuo, China >> The amount of beauty in this picture is almost unbelievable, it is so breathtaking!/ I do sort of want to go to China.not high on my bucket list, though. Maybe after seeing these pictures it will move up closer to the top.

Piramitlerin gizemi için büyük iddia-Piramitlerin gizemi için büyük iddia NASA güneş sistemini sarmalayan garip foton bulutunu saklamasına rağmen, bu dünyaya bazı bilim adamları tarafından sızdırıldı.

The Pyramids of Egypt. The oldest and largest the great pyramid of Cheops, is over 4000 years old. Allegedly there is an Arabic saying which goes, "Man fears time, but time is afraid of the pyramids".

Photo of Earth, taken by the russian weather satellite "Electro-L", 36,000 kilometers above the equator.

This magnificent image is a portrait of the Earth taken in one single shot. At 121 megapixels, it is the highest resolution image of the planet ever and was taken by the geostationary Russian weather satellite the Electro-L.


Milky Way over Lake Titicaca, Peru--- need to go there what a sight. when you go take me with you Amen the Lake Titicaca is the most beautiful place on the planet Dear Sweet Earth I love you and Jesus Christ that made you. Praise you Lord God

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Random Inspiration 174

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