The 'Black Mamba' - Kobe Bryant

DIY Diamond Embroidery basketball Kobe Bryant Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Mosaic Pattern Full round Rhinestone Home Decor

"Best Players by Number : Mitchell & Ness" - the best players to wear a particular jersey number (those that had multiple numbers were in consideration for each number they wore). | see ESPN's followup:  #NBA #basketball

Best NBA Players Ever to Wear Each Jersey Number, by Mitchell & Ness – Basketball Megastore

My work of painting and illustrations for the brand ENTERBAY and the NBA.                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

James Harden ~ One of the great finishers in the paint, his downfall is his playmaking and defense. Above average but could be polished on to get better team re

My work of painting and illustrations for the brand ENTERBAY and the NBA.

Stephen Curry ~ He surely stepped up from nba season. His range is none like we've seen before - purely because of how quick, high and effe

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Above are some quick tips to improve handles. If you want to be an all-star or well-rounded basketball player, practicing helps perfect skills.

Anyone who knows me well knows I bleed purple and gold! Yeah, the Clippers may be better this year... but I'm a Lakers fan for life :)

Another amazing night with my hubby and our fabulous friends watching the lakers game in our VIP box😀

Bryant, Rondo,Nowitziki, Paul, Durant, Wade, Rose, Anthony, Stoudemire, James, Howard, Williams, Ellis.

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