About Nick Miller, New Girl. My new obsession!

About Nick Miller, New Girl - Nick's delicate. Like a flower. Like a chubby, damaged flower who hates himself.

I love Nick and Jess, I'm gonna need them to get back together.

50 Reasons You Can't Stop Crushing on Nick Miller

I can remember shouting "DAMN KIDS!" when I was a kid... Like a weirdo lol

I can remember shouting "DAMN KIDS!" when I was a kid. Like a weirdo

I Love a Good Curmudgeon. Rob can nail New Girl's Frowny-Faced Nick.

I Love a Good Curmudgeon, And New Girl's Frowny-Faced Nick Is Ready For the Grump Hall of Fame

Nick and Jess: These two are quickly rising in the ranks of my favorite fictional couples. The whole best friends falling for each other thing is my Kryptonite.

DeviantArt: More Like 'I meant something like that' Nick/Jess (New Girl) by chiaratippy

The men from New Girl :)

The Men of New Girl (Schmidt, Nick Winston) our-favourite-tv-shows-tv-characters

nick miller! new girl

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